February 8, 2012

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SEO Success Starts Here

Updated April 4, 2013

SEO success for medical practices starts here. Tips from EggStream Marketing.

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Your aesthetic practice is your pride and joy. It took you years of medical school as well as surgical experience to be in the place you are today. That means everything to your patients.

However, if you are neglecting your online medical marketing and not making sure to adhere to current SEO best practices, your patients won't find you on Google or any other search engine for that matter.

Here are a couple of examples of SEO best practices for you to start implementing today.

Good SEO = Aesthetic Practice Success

Content + Keywords

Using your keywords in your page titles, HTML tags, and links are very important, but what about the content on your site? Today's patients are looking for information about your procedures first and foremost, which is why what you say is so important.

By providing the content that exactly meets their needs, you'll be asserting yourself as the expert in your field. This builds trust from the very first page they visit on your site. Your pages should explain each procedure in-depth, healing times they can expect, pre-op instructions, as well as anything else specific to your practice that you feel they should know.

This serves multiple purposes:

  1. Makes your SEO work better for Google rankings
  2. Keeps patients on your website longer (better chances of converting them)
  3. Lowers your bounce rate (time on site is related to excellent or poor rankings)
  4. Increases back links (sites that link to your site from theirs - great for rankings!)
  5. Boosts social media activity (a huge factor for rankings in Google)

By using your keywords inside of your content in a natural and helpful way, your web pages will get highly ranked by Google for each of the procedures you perform in your local area.

This means that not only will your home page get found for the general keywords you are going after, but your internal web site pages will also get ranked highly for people searching locally for your services. That's smart medical practice marketing if you ask us!

Videos, Videos, Videos!

Did we fail to convey that videos are extremely important? Videos not only teach patients in an easy, no-fuss way, they are simple to create and offer the greatest conversion rates, turning your site visitors into patients better than any other type of Internet content.

We firmly believe in giving patients exactly what they came for in order to drive them from your web site directly into your office for a consultation. Videos on your site should be optimized for maximum marketing effectiveness and promoted through social media, on YouTube, and in your blog posts.

We highly recommend using filmed procedures, PowerPoint presentations about what patients can expect, testimonials with live footage,  before and after showcases, and introduction videos about you and your staff.

The additional benefit of posting your videos on your YouTube channel is that you can:

  • Embed the videos easily onto your web site, blog posts, and local profiles
  • SEO optimize the descriptions and titles so your video gets found first on YouTube
  • A properly-optimized video gets ranked in Google much faster than a web site page
  • Promote links to your YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for maximum exposure
  • Others can share a link to your video on their own web site, blog, or social media profiles

Embedded YouTube videos are the best way to present information while giving patients the greatest opportunities to share them. Here is an example of one of our client's YouTube videos:
[revo_video type="youtube" clip_id="u_DuHQ-79qc" width="600" height="500" align="center" rel="false" showinfo="false" controls="true" shadow="perspective-4"]

Get a Customized Marketing Plan for Your Medical Practice

If you are ready to implement the most effective video marketing strategy possible, we can help. We're ready to help you with a free starter bundle of services which includes:

  • Web site analysis of your current SEO
  • One-hour consultation over the phone
  • 30-second customized promo video


Simply call us today at (951) 665-8360 for instant help with your marketing.