Local SEO & Search Engine Marketing

Looking for more local patients?  They're looking for you!  But are they finding you in Google search?  Our medical marketing experts can help you increase organic (free) traffic from Google and set up high-producing pay-per-click ads as well.

Step 1

Our local SEO package begins with a complete keyword research analysis for your specialty, procedures, and location(s).

Step 2

Then, we prepare and implement a step-by-step plan to improve your onsite (website) and offsite (other web presences you have) to be sure that each and every web page and local profile contains:

  • The best ratio and quantity of proper keywords.
  • Alt text rich images.
  • Proper heading and title tags.
  • Engaging content that encourages social sharing.

Step 3

On a continual basis after that, we build high quality backlinks to your website from relevant, authoritative sites in your industry.  Any changes to Google's algorithm will be addressed immediately on your site to keep it current with Google's latest search rankings requirements.

Organic Traffic from Google Search

Local SEO and search engine marketing for aesthetic doctors & dentists from EggStream Marketing.