Social Media Marketing

Daily Social Media Posts

Social media is crucial to your overall success in attracting patients online.  Our social media services include set up of your accounts on all of the major social networks, optimizing your profiles, and posting regularly throughout the week.

Time of Day

Believe it or not, time of day really makes a difference!  We keep up with all of the latest studies on best times of day to post and we customize our clients' schedules to accommodate current best practices.

Custom Graphics

Our social media services include custom made graphics with your logo, branding, and text that grabs the attention of your specific audience.  We apply the latest knowledge of color to behavior and response, making your posts get noticed and encouraging clicks, likes, shares, and comments.

Engaging Content

Since medical & mental health practices are our specialty, we already know what types of posts your patients want to see.  From educational and promotional to humorous and'll engage more fans and keep your practice top of mind.

Facebook Advertising

Well placed ads with eye-catching graphics and text are vital to getting seen by your fans on Facebook.  Their latest algorithms have forced business pages to "pay to play", or run ads in order to get significant exposure.  Set aside a portion of your ad budget for Facebook!

Landing Page

Your ad needs to point to a professionally designed landing page where everything is all in one easy place.  We will develop a tried a true landing page to help you get the highest response rates and click through rates.

Split Testing

Ever wonder if one way of saying things works better than the other?  We create side-by-side ads that help us test different types of ads to different types of audiences.  We analyze them each week, adjusting them as we see which elements of your ads are working the best.

Target Audience

We take Facebook Insights data from your page and create ads based on the best type of local audience.  Factors such as age, gender, best ad position, spending habits, interests, and income are all taken into account.