November 2, 2010

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Disadvantages of Trying to Market Online Without Help

Updated November 10, 2014 -

Disadvantages to trying to marketing you rmedical practice without a professional's help. Tips from EggStream Marketing.

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There’s a lot to be said for people who are go-getters and who aren’t afraid to try something new.  Skydiving, for instance, is just one of those things that anyone with some guts and “chutzpa” can do.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for SEO & medical practice marketing.  It takes a skilled professional to know what to do, where to do it, and how to get the best results.  Here are several disadvantages you’ll experience if you try to “go it alone” with your SEO and online medical marketing.

The Skill of Internet Marketing Takes Time...and Lots of It

First off, you won’t know what questions to ask, so you won’t be able to find the answers.  Talk about confusing, right?  When any Internet marketer starts to learn about SEO, search engine marketing, and Internet marketing, they are overwhelmed.  Every single one of them!

And that goes for someone who has the time to spend learning it full time.  Now try to run a medical practice and learn online marketing in your spare time.  It’s laughable, right?

The point here is that you don’t have the time to put in to find out what you should be researching in the first place.  This can put your learning curve at a major disadvantage because you will be scattered, unfocused, and frustrated.  The best way to handle your online practice marketing is to contact a medical marketing company and ask them to explain things to you.

It’s generally accepted that you’re best at what you do and we’re best at what we do.  As a result, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how the process works and what kind of strategy needs to be put in place.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The next reason not to try marketing your practice by yourself is because SEO requires maintenance.  There aren’t five or ten “magic steps” involved in Internet marketing  and SEO that will yield results and allow you to put the project down.  Rather, medical marketing online first involves a strategic plan for implementation of the initial steps to achieve the desired results.

Then, a maintenance plan must be executed to sustain your site's rankings (to continue clawing your way to the top of Google).  Once you’re in maintenance mode, you can worry less about the small details and concentrate more on pushing your competitors out of the race!

Keep Up With the Times

The last reason why you should always hire a professional for your practice marketing online is because they will stay on top of changes in the industry.  Google has algorithms in place for ranking sites and, unfortunately, these can change without notice and quite dramatically.  Any adjustment to the way they weight a site for its value needs to be discovered and new strategies implemented right away.

Professional SEO experts and Internet marketers make a living by staying on top of the trends and changes to the way search engines return results online.  You can trust them to make the necessary changes to your site’s medical marketing strategy should something change.  If you try to stay on top of it yourself, you may find that you’re spending too much time behind your computer and not enough time doing what you love – seeing patients.

Find out more about how we can improve your medical marketing & SEO results.  We offer a free website analysis and 50% off a 30-second video and 50% off a one-hour free consultation (services must be ordered within 7 days of free analysis completion).

We’re happy to speak with you because we genuinely want to help every one of our medical marketing clients succeed!  Call us today 951.665.8360 to reserve yours.

This post was written by Kim Virrueta.
Kim is the owner of EggStream Marketing:
She lives in Corona, CA and enjoys educating medical practices in the U.S. as a medical marketing consultant with EggStream Marketing.