July 12, 2010

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Part 2: Building a Profitable Email List

In part 1, we looked at some of the essentials to building a patient email list and how stagnant your practice can become without this list.  Here is the final installment in this two-part series.

If you missed part 1, please click here to read it first.  These tips will greatly help your medical practice marketing work better and even more effectively.

Communication is Key to a Profitable Email List

Part 2, how to build a profitable email list of patients. Tips from EggStream Marketing for medical doctors.

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Within your newsletter, target specific and current issues that patients are facing.  This is going to take some communication between you, your staff and your patients.

Be a good listener when you meet with patients and have your staff do the same.  There is so much valuable information that can be garnered from patients; use it to your advantage!

Include Educational Information and Offers

At the bottom of your newsletters and in the right or left-hand margin, place a nice picture or banner with a clear-cut offer for your patients to take advantage of.

It might be a discount off a procedure of their choice or a special pricing for that month on a specific procedure of your choosing.

If you have someone managing your email lists properly, they should segment your audience into demographic groups.  The smarter you are with your list, the better your efforts will pay off.

Segmentation into Demographic Groups is Crucial

These demographics can include age, procedures they have shown an interest in, and whether they are an existing patient or have only come in for a consultation – to name a few.

Each group has their own concerns and issues, so by targeting each group individually, the patient will feel as if they are receiving an email customized just for them.  They will be highly inclined to respond.

Referrals Make a Huge Difference to Your Bottom Line

Take advantage of the opportunity to request referrals from your email recipients.  Make sure you are offering a discount or reward of some kind to both the referred and referrer.

Some of our clients either offer the patient and their friend to come in together for a free facial/product/service or give away a special gift such as a bubbling foot spa machine or a table fountain.

These are both great incentives for your patients and their loved ones.  Though you'll have to spend a small amount upfront for the incentive, the growth you'll see will be well worth it.

Existing Patient Incentives

You can also offer a set discount to your existing patients who refer a friend or family member.  The discount you choose can be both mailed and emailed so that your patients can forward the email or hand the card to someone.  For a forwarded email, state that the referred person can print it out and bring it in for a special discount.

You should always include an “email this discount to a friend” to make it easy for them to share. Have some extra cards on-hand in the office to hand out to patients as they leave.

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